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Google Translate v2.4 hits Google Play, brings Holo interface and Esperanto support

June 1, 2012

Not everyone is a natural-born linguist that can easily master 10 languages. But for those moments when the ability to communicate in another language is essential, there’s Google Translate for Android, an app that offers more or less the same experience as its web cousin.

What’s in store for version 2.4 of the app?  Google has listed the following things:

  • Simpler, more beautiful design
  • Esperanto translation
  • Many new text to speech languages

Google Translate for Android has received the Holo treatment — making the user interface more simple and practical to use. It looks like the company is following the design guide it has set for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The app boasts many a foreign-sounding languages to the ears, and Esperanto is no exception. According to good old Wikipedia, Esperanto is the world’s most widely spoken constructed language, with speakers that can be mostly found in Northern and Eastern Europe, East Asia, and parts of Latin America.

All told, the overall experience of using the app has been improved and it has never been more responsive. Check out the new Google Translate on Google Play now to get your Esperanto on.