There are plenty of smartwatches out there capable of offering plenty of features on top of telling the date and time, but there’s always room for newcomers in a market that has great potential for device makers.

One such smartwatch is the Google Time, which happens to be only a concept at this point from designer Adrian Maciburko. As you can see in the picture and video, we’re looking at simple smartwatch design lines that remind us of various design elements from current Google products.

We obviously assume that, in case such a device would ever go to production, the Google Time could be easily paired with a variety of Android devices, and, why not, the future Google Glasses.

However, this isn’t an official Google product, at least not yet, so we can only admire renders of the device, as presented by the designer.

So, Google, would you make such a watch? And yes, it does have a search app in there, which is probably a requirement for any product the Search giant would make.

In fact, from the looks of it, several other Google apps could be preloaded on the Time watch, at least according to the UI elements in the images above, including Google+, Google Maps, Calendar, to name just a few.