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Google Street View updated, now covers 50 countries

Google Street View has announced the largest single update so far, service now covering 50 countries with the addition of Hungary and Lesotho.
April 23, 2013
google street view

Google Street View has now reached the 50 countries mark with the inclusion of Hungary and Lesotho, the update pushed today being the largest single one so far.

According to the Google Lat Long blog, alongside the inclusion of Hungary and Lesotho, the service has significantly expanded its coverage of Romania and Poland, together with other interesting locations. The update, which is the largest single one so far (bigger than the one in October), includes and updated imagery of an incredible 350,000 miles of roads, in 14 countries. The good Google Street View news doesn’t stop here, as Google says that coverage has also been added and expanded for France, Italy, Russia, Singapore and Thailand.

The blog post mentions some of the beautiful places in Budapest, Hungary, that you can now check out on Google Street View (like the Danube bank in the screenshot below), as well as the beautiful African views in Lesotho.

Google Street View

Also, some special collections of picturesque spots in Portugal, Hong Kong and Ireland have been added, for those wanting to do some virtual tourism, or maybe select their future vacation destination (you may remember Google travelling to the Grand Canyon for the same purpose a while ago).

How about you? What interesting uses for Street View on Google Maps have you found?