There have been a few articles circulating the web on what Franz Och, Director of Google’s translation services, has said about Google’s future of voice to voice translation and that it was a goal of the company to implement it within the next few years.  For those impatient types (and aren’t we all?), let’s forget a few years and grab this feature now.  By downloading two free apps from the Android Market, you can start enjoying this technology at this very moment.

The first app, Google Translate, is directly from Google and can do the sort of things you expect a translation service to do, and works much like Google’s current online translation service.  Add and app called TTS Service Extended and you will now have voice to voice translation for many languages including but not limited to English, Spanish, Chinese and Italian.

Google may be looking into real time voice translation for the future that allows you to speak into your phone while instantly spitting out audible translations in the language of your choice, but it isn’t specifically detailed by Franz quite yet.  Google Translate and TTS Sevice Extended provide the next best translating service available today.  I’ve personally tested the Chinese and Spanish translations to native speakers of those languages with much success.

QR codes for both apps are listed below and I encourage you to get them and try them out.  Let us know how they work for you and help spread the word on the availability of this exciting new ability for Android devices.

Google Translate

TTS Service Extended