google sound search

Although Android 4.2 users are probably familiar with Sound Search (Google Ears), it has now been released for fellow Ice Cream Sandwich users as well.

Sound Search for Google Play finally integrates music identification to the Google Play Store in the handy form of a widget, with Android 4.2 users having the added feature of being able to place it on their lockscreen. At the tap of a finger, you can now identify any song and purchase it straight from Google Play’s music library, which is great.

Although this concept isn’t new (Soundhound and Shazam have been doing this for a few years), Google’s version has one very helpful feature for Android users, syncing. So if you hear a song somewhere, but don’t want to eat in to your data plan downloading it right away, you can instead store it in the identification history. This history is then synced across all of your Android devices, so you can proceed to download the song later on any Android device at home.

Unfortunately the widget seems region bound, which probably has something to do with music licensing, so non US residents will not be able to download it from the store.  But if you are running Android 4.0 or above and live in the US, you can go ahead and grab Sound Search from Google Play now.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer covering SoCs, displays, cameras, and everything in between. In his spare moments you'll find him building audio gadgets.