“Google Ears” or Google Sound Search is one of the new features of Android Jelly Bean. Google Sound Search isn’t a launchable application, but a home screen widget that helps you identify songs.  Identifying songs you aren’t familiar with isn’t anything new to Android. If you’re familiar with Shazam or SoundHound, you know exactly what these types of applications do. However, Shazam and SoundHound don’t allow you to purchase music directly from the Google Play Store after it’s been identified, Google Sound Search does.

Thanks to XDA Android hacker asdfzz, owners of devices running Android 4.0 can take advantage of this Jelly Bean feature.

How does it work? Simply add the widget to one of your home screens.

Then, when you find a song you’re not really sure what it is, just flip over to the home screen containing the widget and let the magic begin.

After your song has been identified, you can then visit the Google Play Store to buy your new found song by tapping the price tag.

To get started, download the Google Sound Search APK and install it as you would any other third party application. Once installed, don’t forget to add it to one of your home screens. Happy sound searching!

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