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Google gets patent for a Project Glass style smartwatch

We've all seen the awesomeness that is Project Glass. A pair glasses with a HUD that shows you pretty much everything about anything. Google recently patented a smartwatch that may have that very same technology built in. It'll have a flip open piece that'll give you the same kind of information, except you wear this on your wrist.
October 3, 2012
Google is at it again. With Project Glass already hitting the pre-order stage, Google seems to be looking for every possible way to utilize that technology. A couple of months ago, we told you that Google patented a pair of smart gloves that could be using Project Glass technology. Very recently, they also patented a smartwatch.

Seen in the photo above, the smartwatch could be very interesting. It features a transparent screen that is hinged to the front of the device. You can use it as a regular touch screen when it’s down. However, once you flip it up, you can look through it at various things and found out information about them. It is comparable with Google Goggles.

In addition, the smart watch will be able to do all the things current smart watches do. This includes syncing notifications between the watch and your phone, use apps, view messages, and all those things. We feel like it is important to point out that the watch will also tell you what time it is.

The technology may seem out of this world, but it is really just a mixture of things that already exist. OEMs like Sony have produced Android-powered wrist watches before and Project Glass is in the pre-order stage. So in reality, this isn’t something we’ll have to wait years for.

When will Google’s smartwatch be available for purchase?

Sadly, there is absolutely no indication of this watch even existing outside of its patent paperwork. However, Google has already created working versions of the glasses from Project Glass. Combine that with the watch and the smart gloves we told you about earlier and it leads to only one logical conclusion. Google is slowly building an Iron Man suit. Okay, probably not, but how cool would that be?

Realistically, would anyone use a watch like this? While having that kind of power on your arm is awesome, it’s difficult to see the practicality in it. Tech geeks would walk through the grocery store for hours with the screen flipped up viewing every little thing. However, a mother of four trying to shop isn’t going to have the time or patience to flip up a screen and look through it.

Of course, if Google keeps going with this, they could just end up replacing Q in James Bond novels. It’s only a matter of time before they start arming high end vehicles with laser guided missiles anyway. When it is eventually released, is anyone going to be buying the Google smartwatch?