Glass Foundry 2

You remember the Glass Foundry, right? Those were the events held in San Francisco and New York in which developers were invited to come and check out Google Glass. They got to spend a few days wearing, testing, and giving feedback about the much anticipated new “device”.

The downside to that? They were all sworn to secrecy! That’s right, they all had to sign non-disclosure agreements to be part of the events, meaning we’d hear nothing about what went down. Today, Google released a little more info and some pretty great pics from Glass Foundry on the Google Developers Google+ page.

While we still don’t know much, we do know developers broke into teams, coming up with about 80 new ways to use Google Glass. We’ve heard previously how basic and rudimentary Project Glass is, so 80 new ways is pretty exciting stuff. Developers also received a little glass bar signifying them as Google Glass “pioneers”.

Can we tell you what any of those 80 new ways to use Glass were? Unfortunately no. Google is still playing this one close to the chest, as Google Glass is still far from being ready for Prime Time. Let’s just hope it doesn’t go the way of the Nexus Q.

Have any ideas of what those 80 new ways to use Glass are? What would you want Google Glass for? As for me, I’m hoping for X-Ray vision and a tractor beam. I haven’t worked out the details of why yet, but it would be cool!