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It’s July 2, 2013. Google Reader is shuttered, yet the world continues to spin. All of the consternation and folded-arm pouting about our favorite RSS reader couldn’t save it. In our new reality, plenty of great successors are here to take the king’s throne. News won’t stop, so why should we?

We’ve been here before with Google. Plenty of times. Just like Reader, each ‘closed service’ announcement brings out a vocal minority who want it saved. If you’ve ever wondered just how many services and such Google has pulled the rug from under over time, we’ve got you covered. Courtesy of Wordstream, we give you a ghoulish look at all the Google services that have had their lights turned off.

Some of them caused us to shrug, and others made us laugh just thinking about them. Some probably don’t really belong (I’ll argue that Talk is yet to be dead), and others make us wonder what Google was thinking. Google’s famed “20% time” is usually pretty awesome, but can clearly yield some nonsense as well. A lot of it was simply folded into other stuff, cobbled to make a bolder service better. Some services simply show a company finding itself, and losing some dead weight along the way.

Now that Reader tops the list, what’s your bet for which service is next? Rather, what do you hope is next? As for me, I’m hoping that “Google Mine” gets the axe, should it ever see the light of day.

Services Google has shuttered

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