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Google integrates recipe filters for your searches, making grocery shopping a breeze!

Food is one of the most intricate arts in existence, and Google is making it much easier for you to prepare delicious dishes that make your mouth water.
June 5, 2014

Food is one of the most intricate arts in existence. One must consider many factors while cooking, including preferences, ingredients, times and consistency. To some this art comes natural; others need help even to make cup noodles. Regardless of your culinary skills, though, we could all use some handy internet tools to make the process simpler.

Google is doing this by adding convenient filters to your food search results. Your Android device will now help you find recipes based on calories, cooking time and ingredients.

We know there is a sea of recipes out there, and what makes cooking interesting is the variety in styles. We all make our dishes differently, even if only by a little. The process can also change if you are on a diet. What if you don’t like meat? Just filter it out!


All you have to do is open your browser and do a Google search for your favorite dish. After that, simply tap on “More” and select “Search tools”. The filters will then show up and be ready for action.

Google uses lasagna as an example, a dish that is very popular and does come in many kinds of styles. As you can see in the image, you can easily select whether you want to add the ingredient or not. I decided to go nuts and try these features with one of my personal Mexican dishes – mole.

This is one of the most complicated sauces to make and it is very popular, making it the perfect example. It was easy to filter through ingredients and find my favorite kind of mole (there are many kinds). Of course, there were very few options for cooking this dish under 15 minutes.

Furthermore, it seems to be impossible to get a recipe of mole with under 300 calories per serving. In fact, even the ones under 500 calories made a lot of sacrifices. Aside from making me feel like the most unhealthy eater, this function worked like a charm and I can say I will be using it often.