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Google Search and Maps now feature Amber Alerts to help find missing kids

When a child goes missing, it's a really serious situation and finding them is a community effort. Not only are there people always looking for the kids, but another important part in finding them is letting everyone know that they're missing. Google is helping out with that by adding Amber Alerts to their Search and Map functions. They are working with other countries to get their missing children programs included.
November 1, 2012
amber alert
When children go missing, it’s a big deal. Instantly, law enforcement, parents, and other members of the community get together and begin looking for the missing child. Then, an Amber Alert is issued that helps get the word out that there is a child missing so everyone can help keep an eye out.

Google is doing their part as well. Starting yesterday, Google has implemented an Amber Alert feature into their Google Search and Google Maps to help even further with finding missing children. By searching for Amber Alert details in Search and Maps, results will pop up based on what location you’re doing your search.

For instance, if you just search for Amber Alerts then it’ll give you detailed info on Amber Alerts in your area. If you search for Amber Alerts somewhere else, it’ll give you details for alerts there.

In addition, the info is updated as details about the case are made public. So you don’t have to worry about whether or not the information you are being kept up to date. This can definitely help people keeping track of the latest. People who do want to help can do so more effectively when given all the details.

What about the Amber Alert equivalents in my country?

Google is actively working with several countries to get their version of Amber Alerts included. This includes Missing Children Europe and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. So hopefully this potentially invaluable service will be worldwide before too long.

It is really good to see Google giving back to the community in their own way. With efforts like this and the Hurricane Sandy info, Google is finding new and unique ways of helping people. It is also good that they’re doing so in such a meaningful way. What’s more important than finding a missing child?

Google has also stated that they are working on more ways to keep kids safe and people informed. Is this Amber Alert tool going to be a significant help? Tell us what you think.