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Google Search update introduces ‘Take a Picture’ and ‘Take a video’ voice commands

A new back-end update to Google Search brings two new voice commands: "Take a picture" and "Take a video".
March 19, 2014

Google search is getting a new update today that is designed to make it easier to take a picture or record a video without having to “fumble with your phone to open the camera app”.

The new voice commands are implemented at the back-end, meaning you won’t need a new version of Google Search for this to work. Keep in mind that the commands aren’t enabled for everyone just yet, so there’s a possibility they have yet to reach your device.

To open up your camera app using your voice, you simply need to launch Google Now and then say “take a photo” or “take a video”. Keep in mind, the feature doesn’t actually start recording a video or snap that photo instantly — instead it merely takes you to the photo or video mode of your default camera app.

While it’s always nice to see Google expanding the level of Now commands available to its users, it is hard to say how useful this will be once the novelty wears off. After all, it’s not particularly hard to tap the camera icon that’s in your dock or on your homescreen. What do you think, like this new “OK Google” addition or not?