For the young and the young at heart, tracking Santa’s departure during the holiday season is a time-honored tradition. The practice actually has its roots back in 1955, when a slip up by Sears led kids to accidentally call CONAD (which became NORAD) for information about Santa on Christmas Eve.

Nowadays we no longer rely on just a phone call to track Santa Claus, as modern technology has sparked the creation of tracking websites and mobile apps. With that in mind, Google has now launched this year’s Santa Tracker website with plans to release an Android app in mid-December. Even more interesting, the app will fully support Chromecast streaming so you can track Santa’s whereabouts on the big screen.

Aside from tracking Santa, Google also has quite a few other activities available on the website (and eventually through the app) including a racing game and interactive videos. As it gets closer to Christmas Eve more activities will also become available on the website, giving kids plenty to do while they await the big guy’s arrival.

Although the Santa Tracker app is clearly aimed at kids and families, it’s still cool to see Google keeping up with this tradition while adding its own Google-y touches. Google’s Santa Tracker app might not be officially supported by NORAD anymore, but it’s still a great way to keep the tradition alive.

To check out the Santa Tracker and learn more details, you’ll want to head to Google’s official Santa Tracker site.

Andrew Grush
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