The Android Market is has the best apps of today developed by Google and others for Android devices. Compared to Apple’s App Store, the Android Market is an “open market” that permits developers to publish their apps for users to download instantly without permission from anyone.

Every so often, Google pulls an app from the Android Market. Here are some of the few apps that were pulled recently


Grooveshark is an online music search engine, music streaming service and music recommendation web software application, allowing users to search for, stream, and upload music free of charge that can be played immediately or added to a playlist. Grooveshark have been in the market for a year and a half however just this month, with no particular reason and no notice at all, Grooveshark was pulled from the Android Market.

The people behind Grooveshark were shocked why Google pulled out the app from the market and they do not know what rules and regulations were violated.

Pokemon Tower Defense

Well, the most probable or perhaps the most obvious reason why the popular tower defense themed from Pokemon got pulled out from the Android Market is that it used copyrighted characters without consent from Nintendo or from the Pokemon Company.

Nevertheless, the developers aren’t angry and respect the decision to have it pulled out. They are also aware that talking to Nintendo or Google right now would be futile.

Dog Wars

Dog Wars had been a provocative game for Android devices. The game is all about dogs fight against one another in virtual blood-fight scenarios. The controversial game was pulled out from the Android Market after a commotion from the Humane Society and from former dogfighter Michael Vick.

I really don’t understand the principal reason why Dog Wars was banned from the market. Just because something is illegal in real life in certain countries, does it also mean it is illegal to make a song, movie, or video game about it? How about those games that involves human fighting against each other? This seems really fishy.

When Google demonstrates its power to pull out apps – for whatever reason it has – users and developers have no choice and no one to appeal to. The question now is – Is it fair that Google pulled out these apps without warning?

Source: Yahoo News

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