Android is sad

Android is sad

We’re not sure what the reasoning is, but of the 50 or so applications that were available on the G1’s Android Market when we first received the device two weeks back, only 15 remain.

Say what?

A number of good apps and games that we currently have running on one of our G1 phones are no longer available to the general public. I can agree in principal that some of the apps that were there were junk, but that was certainly not the case for all of them.

This move seems very much at odds with Google’s normal modus operandi, and seems much more like something one might expect from Apple and its iPhone store.

No official word from Google as to what the deal really is yet, but I am hoping to hear back from them soon.

Update: There are more apps gradually appearing in Android Market. I’m up to a count of 20 as of 5:33pm EST on the 20th. WikiMobile Encyclopedia, Wertago, Ecorio, iSafe, and iMap Weather are the latest apps to appear. The admin at the T-Mobile Forums is reporting that it is a scheduled update of the Android Market, and that apps will have to be redownloaded to devices that were in use already.

Update2: There have been 27 apps on the Android Market for the past 10+ hours.  That might be the last of them for now.

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