Although Google Plus is still in field trial testing and has just been officially launched recently, it has already acquired a very big following worldwide. One of the perks about Google Plus is that Google launched it with a native app that, for now, runs only on Android devices with Android 2.1 Eclair or higher. And, being a native app, it is expected to integrate smoothly with Google Plus and other Google services.

Just this week, Google released a minor update to the Google Plus app. “Minor,” however, is a relative term, since the update resolves one major source of annoyance that has plagued the earlier version of the app: login issues for users having multiple GMail accounts. The bug fix, it seems, is the only “big” thing about the recent update, which also puts a new profile icon on the menu screen and some minor refinements to the user interface.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who already have access to Google Plus, check out the updated Google Plus app for Android so that, using your Android phone, you can start having group chats with Huddle, organize your contacts in Circles (and share stuff with them), upload your photos and videos from your Android phone, and tune in to the latest updates from your Circles.

Have you tried Google Plus yet? Is it better than Facebook?