The new Google Reader app is out. The latest version, 1.1.1, was made available just yesterday November 2. The app has been redesigned with the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in mind. The new iteration of the app is also primed for integration with Google+.

The latest version of the Google Reader app can now be downloaded free from the Android Market.

One of the major changes added to the updated Google Reader app is the slide navigation feature. This will enable the user to swipe to the next or previous entries on the news feed list. The feature would automatically mark the article as read. A tip on how to navigate the list will even show at the bottom of the screen which you can easily hide using the Hide button.The reviews posted under Android Market about this swipe feature have been impressive. Many users liked the smoothness of the new feature.

Just like the Web version of the app, some of the sharing features have been removed in this version of Google Reader. The only thing left is the Share option to pave the way for Google+ integration and to eliminate redundant features.

The app’s page on the Market mentioned changes to the widgets, but it is not clear which portion of the widgets have been modified. The overall user interface of the widgets did not really change. The Reader Ticker and Reader Unread have not been changed and no new widgets were added.

The new Google Reader maintained the essence of simplicity. The app is packed with minimal but useful features users can easily get comfortable with.

The changes made to the app have not been welcomed very well by some users. With the removal of the sharing features, several people hated the update. Many reviewers also posted the need to put the +1 feature on the app.

The app is fairly new. Several users have already said their piece about the app. Would you like to check it out yourself? Head on to the Android Market and install the app.