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Google gave their quarterly earnings call today, reporting $14.11 billion in revenue, a 19% increase over Q2 last year. This was shy of Wall Street expectations, which was aiming for about $14.45 billion in revenue. Google also notes $54.4 billion in cash, and reduced operating income ($3.12 billion, compared to $3.24 billion last year).

Motorola was up as well, reporting nearly $1 billion in revenue ($998 million), a significant increase over last year ($843 million). Their GAAP was almost double, though, at $342 million. It was $199 million this time last year.

Aside from the financial details, Larry Page shared some other good news. Android is seeing 1.5 million new activations daily, and 15 billion apps have been downloaded from the Play Store. Google has paid more money to developers this year than all of 2012, also. He also pointed out that Chrome has 750 million users worldwide!

The overall headcount at Google is down, which comes directly from Motorola cutting about 10,000 jobs. This time last year, The two companies had 53,891 employees (38,739 with Google, 9,982 at Motorola Mobile, 5,170 at Motorola Home). This year the number is a slim 44,777 (40,178 Google, 4,599 at Motorola Mobile). The selling of Motorola’s set-top box division cleared a lot of room for such a trimming, as well as Google’s dedication to re-focussing Motorola.

The full report can be found on Google’s Investor Page.

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