Think of it as niche marketing for the Google app market. It’s called “Apps Focus” and it aims to be a curating of apps, helping users dig through the junk to get to the gems.

The patience level of the average user is fairly low, what with the speed of smart-phones and the Google Play store’s last interface update making it all the more snappy. So it stands to reason that a 15 minute jaunt down “app lane” is not always the fun adventure it may seem. Most people would like to find their app in 5 minutes or less, and just get to using it so they can become familiar. Enter Google and their nifty new solution: Apps Focus.

The current foray is Fashion and Style, and while it is probably out of the scope of most of our readers, it still manages to deliver to its niche audience. Bringing together good, and mostly new apps, in an easily discoverable way can only mean more traffic for the Play Store. Once word gets out, it could spell a big success for Android in general.

The only problem we foresee with this feature is that it may get too focused, meaning potential users may not find anything interesting in the collections presented. That being said, Apps Focus will surely evolve, and become something we can attribute to our daily ease of use. Repeat after me: Thank you Google!

As for developers, this could be a huge boost to them as well. Imagine putting months of work in, only to find your app on the front page (which is where AF is) and a bunch of downloads listed in your stats. This doesn’t mean less-than-stellar apps will vanish from the market, but it does mean those who produce quality apps, are more likely to make it into the spotlight with this feature.

To get access to Apps Focus,  just open the app up on your device and it should appear on the front page.