Google Android MarketToday Google’s Eric Chu provided details on its upcoming Android Market application store – something Andy Rubin had hinted at before. The Android Market will allow developers to offer both free and for-purchase applications to people with Android based smartphones. Built-in support for the Android Market will be included in the Android OS.

Google will host the application store, which will let users find, purchase and download, and install applications. Users can then provide feedback to the developer and even rate the application in a way that Google says is similar to how YouTube works.

For developers, the process is also YouTube-like: register, upload, and publish. The Android Market interface will provide developers with dashboard view of their account that will eventually include analytic data about how their apps are doing.

Initial Android based devices will run a beta version of the Android Market that will only support free apps and will not provide full analytic data to developers. Support for paid application downloads, version management, and multiple device profiles will be added later.

You’ll find a gallery of screen shots of the Android Market below:

Darcy LaCouvee
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