Photo Credits: Google

It seems as if Moore’s Law is standing firm and being proven correct with the advancements of late, in social technology. Let’s take a quick peek at the undertaking of Google to meld reality and interweave it in the threads of cyberspace. This technology has actually been around a while and it’s called augmented reality, but Google appears to be taking it to a whole new level of surreal. In the modern world, our lives are being increasingly shaped and fundamentally changed by the progression of how cyberpsace is viewed and used.

Project Glass, by Google, merely intends to make life easier by helping you do what you already do, in a more fashionable and flexible way. Imagine a world with less tablets, smartphones, and notebooks meaning less resources being used to manufacture devices. Imagine the impact of having all your favorite Google tools at, literally, the blink of an eye. This is the world Project Glass envisions.

As far as specs go, nobody knows much about those, but we do know this video was shot in 720P and most, if not all, of the features shown will be made available to buyers of this new technology. For those ahead of the curve, this may be the next big thing to take notice of: wearable computing.

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Concept Video