image_86Things keep on moving along nicely at Google. Today they have just announced a mobile version of Google Product Search for Android (oh, and the iPhone). If you haven’t used Google Product Search before, it offers you an easy way to compare and review different products, including prices, ratings, reviews and full product details. It has always looked tidy on the standard sized web-browser, but now things have been made mini, allowing Good Product Search to look clear and concise on a small mobile screen such as your G1.

When you click on a product that tickles your fancy, Google Product Search will take you onto a page dedicated to the product. This page includes the aforementioned details such as rating charts and those all important technical specifications. On some pages, you will find links that take you directly to a specific seller.

Unfortunately, as of the time this is being written, Google Product Search for Android mobile devices is only available for those residents of the UK and the US. Presumably this is due to the varied formatting required for different languages that may not be supported yet.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.