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Google keeps Maps Pokemon Challenge going a bit longer, adds Mew

Google has decided to keep its April Fools 'prank' going a bit longer! Not only can you still participate in the Pokemon Challenge, you now have the chance to catch mew!
April 3, 2014

On April Fools Day Google brought us plenty of pranks and surprises, but none stood out quite like the Pokemon Challenge. Google opened up the challenge on March 31st, giving us the opportunity to collect 150 pokemon scattered around Google Maps.

Considering Pokemon’s mass appeal during the late 90s and into the 2000s, it’s no surprise that this Google Map ‘game’ generated a lot of interest. For those that collected at least 5 or more Pokemon, you’ll also be happy to know that Google’s version of Professor Oak is granting you the opportunity to hunt on for a bit longer. Google doesn’t specify when it plans to close the map game for good, though we are probably only talking about a few more days.

Aside from continuing the hunt for the remaining 150, Google is also giving folks the chance to find the coveted Mew, which is said to be located somewhere within Brazil. For those that played the early Pokemon games, you’ll remember just how amazing and rare Mew was said to be, so it’s cool to see the legendary creature make its way into the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge.


With the popularity of the Pokemon Challenge, it’s clear that there is a real interest in Nintendo games in the mobile world, even if Nintendo’s traditional home console isn’t doing so hot right now. Here’s to hoping that Nintendo eventually gets with the program and starts taking the mobile market seriously.

Would you be interested in purchasing Nintendo games if they made their way to Android? What did you think of this year’s Pokemon Challenge ‘prank’? Would you like to see more ‘mini-games’ like this from Nintendo in the near future?

Update: Apparently Mew has actually been around from day one, it’s just that they didn’t officially mention its existence within the ‘map game’ until now.