Last month Google introduced Google+ Sign-In as a way to access sites and apps in a similar manner to Facebook Connect. Only a limited number of sites currently support the feature, but things are about to change in a hurry. Google is now preparing to expand its G+ sign-in reach through a new partnership with prominent social login providers Janrain and Gigya.

The new partnership opens Google+ sign in support to the entire network of 400,000 websites using Janrain and 600,000 sites using Gigya. Between the two providers, that’s just about every major website on the net.

Keep in mind that Janrain and Gigya only provide the tools here. It will be up to each site individually to decide whether or not to add support. The good news is that most sites probably will.

By enabling G+ account support, businesses will have another way to pull in more information about their users. It also doesn’t hurt that adding support is really easy and supposedly only requires a few simple clicks.

Expect the list of sites that support G+ logins to grow quickly, though in the meantime it has already been revealed that several sites are planning Google+ support immediately at launch. Sites already making the move include NPR,, American Idol, Food Network UK and many others.

Google+ is a rising star, and adding support for many of the best sites on the web certainly isn’t going to hurt any.

Andrew Grush
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