google play

Some people often hide behind anonymity when leaving scathing reviews about certain apps and games on Google Play. Not that there’s anything wrong with them if the feedback given was legit, but it’s not unusual to see bogus reasoning with very little substance.

After a recent APK teardown of the latest Google Play app reveals that future reviews on Google’s storefront require folks to use their Google+ account, it looks like the feature is being gradually rolled out. The changes are now visible on the web interface of the store and some devices.

Past reviews on Google Play are now shown as written by “A Google User”. As for new reviews, they will now show your Google+ profile name and picture. While the name will link to your Google Plus account, the review itself won’t be shown on your page.

Integrating Google+ profiles with the Play Store won’t exactly stop spammy reviews from showing up, but at least users can now quickly click on the reviewer’s name to check whether there’s a real person or a “bot” lurking, behind in order to judge the merit of the opinion.

Do you agree that this is a step in the right direction for Google? Are you more likely to post reviews on Google Play now or less due to privacy issue? Please leave your comments below.