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Google+ Photos enhanced with new editing features, additional storage for Backup, and more

Google announced some important Play Store updates, but the fun doesn't have to stop there. Today, it also announced the addition of a few new enhancements that are available now for photos on Google+.
May 15, 2013
Google+ photos
Today, Google announced a number of changes to some of its most popular free services. These include the introduction of Google Play Game Services, as well as the launch of a redesigned Google Play Store (with a greater focus on tablets this time around). But the fun isn’t limited to just the Android ecosystem and the Play Store, of course. Google also announced the addition of a few new enhancements that are available now for photos on Google+.

The new features added to Google+ Photos makes the overall experience of using Google+ for sharing images so much better that Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram should all be scared out of their minds right now. Google is about to take the power back. But what exactly has been added to Google+ for photos, anyway?

Google+ now comes with a number of new features such as Auto Enhance and Auto Awesome which make the process of making photos share-worthy as easy as possible. Other changes include an improved Auto Backup and a speedier way of finding highlights in photos so that, according to Google, it’s easy to find the right moments to share.

Read on for a better understanding of the changes to Google+ photos with the help of pictures we took during this year’s Google I/O developer conference.

At Google I/O, the main changes to Photos in Google+ were highlighted, and the most important new features were enumerated via a talk on stage.

The Auto Backup feature available for photos on Google+ has now been upgraded from 5GB to 15GB of storage space, allowing users to upload full-size photos without having to worry about running out of space. One of the most popular photo sharing services in the world, Instagram, doesn’t even have such a feature, while Facebook only added it later in its existence.

Meanwhile, Highlight helps users spend less time sifting through individual photos by automatically organizing all the good stuff and taking out all the rest. When used in combination with Auto Enhance, it will easily allow users to experience first hand what is quite possibly the best photo sharing experience that has ever existed.

Other photo editing niceties are mentioned in the above picture, such as tonal distribution, skin softening, noise reduction, sharpening, red eye removal, and white balancing.

But by far one of the most exciting additions to Google+ Photos unveiled today is a new feature called Auto Awesome. It takes a user’s photos and turns them into animated GIFs, panoramas, and more. At this rate, Google is going to steal the thunder of every single popular photo sharing service and app on the planet.

These interesting new software enhancements for phtos can be traced back to the Q3 2012 acquisition of the makers of Snapseed. Even then, we predicted that it would somehow play into a future where Google comes out with vastly improved photo sharing options. And now that the cat is out of the bag, all that’s left is to see how users actually react to it.

If you still want to learn more about these new photo editing and sharing features, head on to the source link below for all of the details.