google plus iphone app

Although Android users were used to being treated with priority access to Google+ updates, the latest version of the G+ app has hit Apple’s devices before becoming available in Google Play. Advertised as a “mobile app with sense and soul”, the new Google+ experience is a “feast for the eyes”, coming with several design tweaks, but also a couple of improvements to the app’s functionality.

I haven’t had a chance to test the new Google+ mobile app (no, I don’t own an iPhone, in case you had any doubts), but the official photos look indeed sexy! The fonts are crisper, the profile pics are larger, the home screen looks more elegant and “friendlier” and you can simply feel that Google has put some thought behind the update.

However, “looks alone aren’t enough”, as Google’s Senior VP, Vic Gundotra, admits in the official blog post announcing the update’s release, so the new app comes with some improved functionality too. The tweaks are not dramatic, but you should feel some added speed, as you have a “stream you can swim in” at your disposal. Important actions, like +1, are highlighted and easier to access at any time, while surfing between older and more recent conversations is now more accessible and friendlier.

The iPhone update is already available in Apple’s App Store, and the new Google+ app for Android should be made available in “a few weeks”. The same sexy, elegant new app will come to Google Play, but, at the same time, Android users should expect a “few extra surprises”.

What do you guys think of this new Google+ mobile app? What do you think those “surprises” in store for Android devices and Android devices only could be?