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Google+ enables full-size photo uploads from desktop

Google+ has finally enabled full-size photo uploads from desktop web browsers.
April 3, 2013

Google+ has turned into a thriving community for photographers and users can now upload full-size photos from their desktop browser. Back in December, full-size photo uploads were added to the mobile app which can be enabled by navigating to “Settings”, “Instant Upload”, and “Set Storage Size”.

To enable full-size photo uploads from your desktop, here is what you do:

  • Go to Google+ and click on your photo on the top right hand side.
  • Select “Account” and then “Google+” on the left hand side.
  • Scroll down towards the bottom where it says “Photos” and check the box that says “Upload my photos at full size”.

Below that you will notice how much storage you have used for photos. Photos larger than 2048 pixels (full-size) count towards your 5GB of free storage. Since Google+ photos integrate with Drive, full-size photos count towards your Drive storage. With extra storage options all the way up to 16 terabytes, running out of space shouldn’t be a problem.

However, there are other ways you can get more Drive storage without paying a monthly fee. One of them is the Chromebook Pixel laptop. Despite a hefty price tag, one Pixel version includes 1TB of Drive storage for three years.