Do you like knitting? Choppers? Android? There are probably lots of folks on Google Plus sharing your passion, no matter what that is. Google knows that, and today, it announced a new way to gather online on Google Plus, called Communities.

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Google Plus Communities will allow users to associate in groups and create virtual homes for the things that bring them together. There are several type of communities that you can create, depending on your privacy preferences and the rights you want to assign to community members.

Here’s a video from Google presenting the new feature in a bit more detail:

Communities will support both private and public groups, discussion categories, hangouts, and the ability to share with your group from any site on the web. This last feature probably means that the +1 buttons found on various websites (including ours) will let you select your community when you +1 a page.

The new Google Plus feature is currently a preview. Google said that the rollout starts today, but so far we haven’t seen the new icon on our site page, nor on any of our personal pages. Mobile apps will be updated soon.

In case you need an explanation on why this Community feature is important, check out this post from Google Plus expert Jesse Wojdylo.

Bogdan Petrovan
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