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The folks at Google have updated their social networking app, Google+, adding new moderation features and a notification tray. You can download and install the latest version (3.5) via the Google Play Store if you have not enabled automatic updating.

Whereas the previous way to view notification is to navigate through the left slide-in panel, there is now a devoted indicator button at the upper-right portion of the app (right beside the refresh button), tapping of which will cause a full-notification panel to slide from the right.

On the other hand, the improved moderation features are quite handy for users who manage Google+ Communities. Controls include promoting, removing, or banning members from the community and the ability to restore or remove posts that were tagged for review. In the official Google+ page, product manager Brian Glick says that there are more planned features beside the ones that moderators can use now.

A third new feature, link attachment in posts, is brought by popular demand.  Just like with the desktop version, users can now add a link when creating a post.

Despite being a minor update, receiving nifty features for the second most popular social network’s Android app is always a good thing.

Conan Hughes
Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.