Google+ for Android update

The latest version of the Google Plus Android app brings some of the features that came last week to the web version.

We now know what kept Vic Gundotra from sleeping last night. After last week brought us a major redesign and no fewer than 41  new features to the web version of Google Plus, the 42nd feature has just been revealed (with a sweet reference to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to boot).

The Google Plus Android app has been updated with a series of features that were until now only available on the web version. Check them out.

New photo functionality

  • Auto Backup – automatic upload to the cloud, full size
  • Auto Highlight – the app will pick the best images from your collection, avoiding blurry shots and duplicates and focusing on  images of people close to you
  • Auto Enhance – the app will automatically enhance your images, by improving contrast, fixing under and over exposure, and more
  • Auto Awesome – the app will automatically create animations based on similar images on your phone
  • New filters based on Snapseed – think Drama, Retro, and Sepia; similar to Snapseed and Instagram

New Locations section

  • A new Locations section is available in the left pane
  • Google Plus friends that enable shared location will show up on the map, similar to Latitude and Foursquare

google plus android update

Related hashtags

  • The app will automatically tag your posts with related tags, like it currently happens on the web version
  • Tags can be tapped, which opens a stream of posts related to the hashtag


  • One tap Hangouts integration
  • Improved notifications
  • More profile fields can be edited on mobile

According to Google’s Bradley Horrowitz, the new Google Plus version 4.0 app will roll out throughout the day, so keep an eye open for a notification.

What do you think of the new changes? Do you like the web version of the new Google Plus?

Bogdan Petrovan
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