Google may bring another app to the Chromecast in the near future, a purportedly leaked screenshot seems to suggest, and that’s its own Google+ Android app.

Phandroid reports that the latest Google+ APK seems to include Chromecast support (see following image,) which would allow users to share images and videos with family and friends on a big screen TV. The feature will partly solve one of the issues with Google’s popular dongle, and that’s streaming local content to the TV.

Since the Chromecast was launched, more and more apps have been updated to use the dongle in order to stream various content, although Google is yet to allow Chromecast owners to stream locally hosted content, or to offer true mirroring features – some of the apps that have Chromecast support will let you sort-of do local streaming, but you’ll need to subscribe for their services.


While a Google+ user has shared the screenshot above online, it’s not clear when and if Google will update its Google+ app to include the new Chromecast functionality.

We will remind you that a Google exec confirmed not too long ago that the company has big Chromecast plans for this year, including a launch in international markets – so far the dongle has been officially sold only in the USA – as well as adding more applications to the device.

Meanwhile, if you still haven’t purchased the device and happen to look for a new smartphone as well, we will point you to this Moto X + Chromecast deal, which gets you the device free of charge, as long as you purchase the phone for full price.

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