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Google+ users can now restrict who sees their content, based on age and location

Google has now introduced a feature that lets Google+ users set age/location restrictions on who is able to read their posts.
September 30, 2014
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Starting today, Google is now giving Google+ users a bit more control over who is able to view there posts and who isn’t. Specifically, there are a few different options like only allowing viewers who are 18+, 21+ or even the ability to restrict based on location.

Keep in mind that this is an “all or nothing” setting at the moment, meaning that if you set “21+” it applies to all your posts regardless of the content. Same with if you restrict based on location. That means the benefit of this option is more for groups/businesses than individuals, though I’m sure some individuals will find this useful as well. Google’s Yonatan Zunger does indicate that per-post controls are already “on our requested features list”, so eventually G+ users may have the power to hide only specific posts that wouldn’t be appropriate for younger audiences.

With new options for 18+ and 21+ age restrictions, we also have to wonder if Google is toying around with the idea of being more lenient on its censorship policies for those who restrict their content to older audiences. For Google’s part, they say they aren’t changing policies at this time though they admit “this does give us some flexibility to do that”.

Bottom-line, we feel this is a step in the right direction, potentially giving Google+ users more freedom of expression without having to worry about young eyes stumbling on to the content (well.. Unless they lie about their age…). What do you think, like the idea of location and age based post restrictions? For those interested in making these changes to their pages, you’ll need to visit your page and profile settings. You’ll find the restriction options under Audience.