Google has been busy doing some spring cleaning in the past weeks, though it hasn’t forgotten to give us some new toys to play with as well, such as the freshly introduced Google Keep. Another thing that we can look forward to seeing is the redesigned Google Play.

It’s been months since Google Play received its last update and makeover, now it looks like Google is readying to unleash version 4.0, which the good folks at Droid Life has managed to get an early copy of.

As the quick walkthrough video shows, the new Play Store is still missing some sections, with the main page being the most prominent one. But from what we do get to see, it definitely borrows some UI elements from Google Now; expect to see brighter colors, cleaner layouts, and bigger pictures.

While the exterior is still being worked on, the app seems to be functional. Google has removed the annoying transit page that usually pops up whenever you hit the download button, which means there’s less clicking. The settings option has also been simplified.

In case you feel like going on an APK hunt, the full build number is 4.0.16. Hopefully we don’t have to wait until Google I/O in May to get the final version. Do you dig the new UI?

Bams Sadewo
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