Google play gift cards

Google Play Store has been available in various markets including the UK, although the UK Play Store, while offering most of the services that are available elsewhere, it doesn’t let customers buy and use the gift cards online.

But that is going to be changed very soon as the Google Play redeem page for the UK version has gone live. While the page that allows you to redeem gift cards has gone live there’s still no method available for actually buying the gift cards in the country. However, it is safe to assume that the gift cards service as a whole will be available to the users very soon.

If the Google Play gift cards were made official before Christmas then it would have been a smart move by Google to take advantage of the festive season. However, the fact that gift cards are still not available for purchase makes it look difficult for the service to launch before the holidays – nothing at this point in time can be said with certainty though.

Comparatively, iTunes gift cards have been available in the UK from quite some time now, so it is nice to see Google making its gift cards available in the country too. Let’s hope that Search giant brings the gift card service to other parts of the world too.

We will keep an eye on this news and will let you know when the gift cards are available for purchase.

Varun Raj
Varun loves to play with new technology as his bread and butter. He has been advising telecom, media and entertainment companies for more than over 4 years. He currently works at a large consulting organization in Silicon Valley amidst all the action. He has been following Android since it first launched and loves to play around with it in his free time.