A new version of Google Play is starting to role out across the Internet. It tweaks some minor aspects of the store’s layout and design. The biggest change is a new design for the Apps, Games, Book etc buttons. Google released a major redesign of its Play Store last month and the latest update refines some of the visual aspects of the app.

At the top of the Store there are buttons for Apps, Games, Music and so on and the redesigned store used a fairly unattractive grey box look for these buttons. The new store uses lots of color with some fading towards the end of the button. These make the different sections look more inviting and the design is a better fit overall.

Google has also tweaked the way wishlists work on phones. On a tablet when items are added to the wishlist (which is now listed as ‘My wishlist’ rather than ‘My Wishlist’) they appear using a card index style, however on phones it was a visual list. With the new Play Store update the wishlist items on phones are now displayed using the card style previously used only on tablets.

There are also a few minor, but welcome, changes in functionality. When a update to an app is considered large, the Play Store will now warn you about downloading it when you are using a  mobile data connection. Also “Update All” now works for apps with new permissions. When updating these you will be asked to approve each new set of permissions.

As with previous updates to the Play Store it can take a few days for it to reach everyone, so if you don’t get it today just wait a bit, it will surely arrive!

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