Google Play screen
Guess what! It’s time to update the version of Google Play Store that you have installed on your Android-powered kajigger again. This time, the Google Play Store has been updated to version 4.3.10, which offers a number of fairly useful new features we’re guessing you will find convenient.

The latest version of the Google Play Store now has a Recently Updated section. This section is aimed at helping users find apps that have been, as the section’s name says, recently updated. That’s bound to be a time-saver.

Combined update notifications is another one of the new features. With this, you don’t have to be alerted of updates for every single app you have after they do get updated on your devices. Again, a good time-saver.

Some changes were also made to Books and Movies inside Google Play: old and current prices for books are now shown, and the placement of the Buy and Rent buttons have been switched. Speaking of which, the Wallet logo, which is normally found right next to these buttons, has been removed.

If you still haven’t seen these changes yourself, well, you can now. Visit the source link for a direct link to the new Google Play Store, if the one you have on your Android device still hasn’t been updated already. Then tell us what you think of the latest Google Play Store in the comments, if you dare.

David Gonzales
David is a mobile computer geek who firmly believes that in order to stay healthy, one needs to eat daily doses of gadgets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Join him as he indulges his passion for technology and fascination with all things Android.