google play store queued downloading

Well, this is one of those things that, once you think of it, you wonder why it hasn’t been an option all along. A tipster by the name of himanshu has made the Android community aware that Google is apparently testing a new feature that lets you queue up desirable downloads from the Google Play Store, and it will wait until you have a WiFi connection before downloading them.

This is a perfect solution in an age of increasingly frustrating data caps. Although Google already had a warning in place notifying you of larger downloads and encouraging you to use a WiFi connection instead of your mobile data, it did not provide the option to automatically begin downloading the next time you encounter a reliable WiFi network.

This feature is still very obviously in beta, and will only appear for a select sample group that Google is currently testing it out on. Part and parcel with its in-testing nature is that it appears to be a little buggy for now. The feature cautions users that queuing apps may result in them being downloaded via mobile data anyway.

Hopefully Google will see promising results with this experimental feature, and we can see it rolling out to all devices soon. For now there’s no guarantee that the search giant will keep queued downloading, but it’s certainly an option most of us would welcome with open arms.

What do you think of queue-for-WiFi downloading? Useless feature, or something you never knew you needed? Give us your take in the comments below!

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