In a bid to make Mother’s Day more special — or at least to give you more gift choices for your mother — Google has launched its Mother’s Day promo early on the Google Play Store.

From today until May 5, you can get your mom a year’s subscription for her favorite magazine for only US$5.00. You might also want to throw in a copy of her favorite book — for half the original price.

The promo also includes discounts for other digital content that both mothers and their kids will enjoy.


If you’re planning to surprise your mother with these great deals, you will have to find a way to download these books or magazines under her account. The Google Play Store doesn’t have an option yet to purchase books, magazine, or apps as gifts.

You can, however, buy Google Play Store gift cards that your mom can use to purchase her favorite books or subscribe to her favorite magazine.

If your mom doesn’t own an Android tablet, maybe you can buy her one as gift for Mother’s Day. Then, create a Google account for her and preinstall those books or magazines that she will like. Teaching your mother how to use the tablet can also be an occasion for the two of you to be close to each other this Mother’s Day.

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