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Google on track to have over a million apps in the Play Store this June

If trends keep steady, then Google will announce that they have over a million apps in the Google Play Store by June of this year. Is that important though?
January 8, 2013

Look, I’m not going to lie to you, I really don’t care about how many apps are in one app store versus another app store. Now don’t get me wrong, this used to be quite an important metric just a few short years ago when people were wondering which platform had more users and which platform had more revenue potential for developers, but these days you can find pretty much anything you want on either iOS or Android. If you’re a RIM user or you’re one of the crazy people trying to get on-board the Windows Phone train, then yes, the number of apps available in your respectieve app store is significant. When and if those two platforms start gaining traction, then we’ll start the app store battles again, but until then … just forget about it.

There is one number though that’s bound to generate some headlines: one million. Will Apple’s iOS App Store be the first platform to break a million apps or will it be Google’s Play Store? According to data gathered by The Sociable, Google is on track to break the million barrier faster than Apple. When exactly will this happen? They say June, but again, it’s just a guess at this point.

Should Google or Apple publish the “one million apps available” press release first, you shouldn’t care about it either way. Some of you will and you’ll probably start trolling the opposing team. Please note that anyone I catch banging on their chest will get an evil stare from me and the rest of the Android Authority team. We all love Android here, in case you haven’t noticed, but being an Android fan doesn’t mean you have to spend your free time hurling insults at iPhone owners.

That kind of behavior is just plain not cool.