One of the biggest complaints lobbed at the Google Play Store is that a lot of its content isn’t available in certain parts of the world. Today’s update doesn’t totally fix that problem, but it’s still very welcome.

One of the main things that Android Authority readers lamented when Google Play Music All Access was announced was that it wasn’t available outside of the U.S. Those of you who live in Australia and New Zealand will be pleased to know that All Access is now available to you. That still leaves a lot of our readers without access (pardon the pun), but hey, it’s a start right?

Play Books has expanded its global reach as well, adding the Czech Repubilc, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania to the list of countries in which the service is available.

While this isn’t the “everything, everywhere” situation that we’re sure a lot of you would be happy to see, that would be essentially impossible. It’s nice to see that more people throughout the world are getting access to different sorts of media, and we can only hope that the goodness will be making its way to more of you soon.

What content in the Google Play Store is most vital to you? Is there anything not currently available in your country that you’d like to see?

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