A photo of the Play Store showing free and paid apps

Google is no stranger to hiding Easter eggs in its products. Every version of Android since 2.3 Gingerbread has had one, and even Google Chrome has its own dinosaur-themed mini-game Easter egg. Now, thanks to a few eagle-eyed tipsters, Google could be developing another Easter egg mini-game but this time in the Google Play Store.

The mini-game recently surfaced on Twitter in at least two different instances. Twitter users Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) and Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) both spotted the Play Store’s hot air balloon-themed Easter egg, which definitely resembles the aforementioned Chrome mini-game.

Paluzzi said this Play Store Easter egg could be an offline experience like Chrome’s, but as far as we can tell, there’s no way for the average joe to access it without some reverse engineering know-how.

We have no idea if or when the company will actually take the time to implement this Google Play Store Easter egg, but it’s still something fun to look forward to.