Google Play Store down

The Google Play Store appears to be suffering some downtime issues, as several app pages are missing in action, while some are working as supposed to.

Noticed by Android Police, the issue seems to affect a variety of pages, but not all existing apps pages are down. As the publication notes, “some big developers are included in the problems.” Rovio, Netflix, YouTube, Dropbox, Sony Online, the NBA, Wacom and Tesla Motors are just a few of the affected by the down time.

Naturally, we expect the issues to be resolved by Google sooner rather than later, and we can’t but wonder whether yesterday’s update of the web Play Store has anything to do with today’s down time.

In case you missed it, you should know that Google updated the design of the Google Play Store website the other day, in order for users to be able to “play like never before.” Moreover, the Play Store may be coming to Google Glass very soon, at least according to at least on Glass user.

We’ll be back with more details about the Google Play Store when they’re available, meanwhile, keep refreshing those pages, as they’re bound to come back up.