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Google Play Services 6.1 update: Analytics, Drive and Fit enhancements

Google Play Services is getting its seasonal update. This time we are seeing Google's Android backbone being upgraded to version 6.1.
September 16, 2014

Google Play Services is getting its seasonal update, which comes about every 6 weeks. This time we are seeing Google’s Android backbone being upgraded to version 6.1, with major improvements coming to Analytics, Drive and the newly-released Google Fit.

The Enhanced Ecommerce analytics extension was introduced in Google Play Services 5.0. It provided great input on pre-purchase behavior and product performance, which is why it has now been included int he Google Tag manager. This will allow developers to easily manage tags within mobile apps.

Google Drive got a significant UI re-design, leaning more towards Material Design. Developers also have some neat features, though, as Completion Events enhancements have been applied to the Google Drive API. This will make it easier for developers to handle conflicts between server and local files.

google fit platform

Google Fit developers can also now test their apps with any Android device. It was only introduced last August, so we can except more changes coming to the APIs soon.

Most of us won’t really notice these changes, as they are not consumer-oriented. One thing is for sure, this update will definitely change your user experience. At the end of the day, that is what makes a good device awesome. It needs to handle all the mundane features like a boss before more gimmicky features are added.

With that said, stay tuned for your update, as it should be coming in a few days. A quick Google Search will also allow you to download it )just in case you are not that patient). This is mostly for developers, so we wouldn’t rush to get the update unless you really want to see the few design improvements.