Google Play is not exactly the most efficient mobile app store for monetizing apps, and there have been many reasons for that. Google has addressed many of them over the past 2 years like: implementing better ranking of apps, making it easier for users to discover new apps, adding more countries that support paid apps, adding in-app billing, and so on. But they still need to work on making it easier for developers to make money.

Google says that the top 23 out of 24 top-grossing apps in Google Play use in-app billing, and that overall, the revenue they get from in-app purchases exceeds the revenue for simply buying the app. This is due solely to people willing to buy an app “once”, then expecting all updates and new features to come for free. With in-app billing, developers can get them hooked on the main app, and then sell them more content for more money.

Google is currently introducing in-app subscriptions as well, for apps such as magazines and journals, but they say developers can also use it to bundle apps, for game levels, music, video content, and any other type of creative content. Glu Mobile has already implemented in-app subscriptions in some of their apps like Frontline Commando. In the next few days, we’re going to see more developers launching apps with this paying method.

If you’re a developer, you can get started with implementing in-app subscriptions right away with this handy documentation. If you’re already using in-app billing, the changes to the code to support in-app subscriptions will be minor.

If you’re a frequent Google Play user, what do you think of this money-making method? If you’re a developer, will you be taking advantage of this new feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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