Almost given up hope of ever seeing a better Google Play Music widget? Don’t despair, because the Big G has just updated its online and offline music listening app.

Here’s the complete change log for version 4.3.606 of Google Play Music:

  • Now Playing queue that allows for queuing and reordering of currently playing music.
  • New UI for navigation with transport controls on the action bar.
  • New large album art view on Recent.
  • Playlist art is now constructed from album art of songs in the playlist.
  • Now Playing widget has album art and support for thumbs up.
  • Harder, better, faster, stronger.

No longer will you need to rely on third-party app just to have a widget that can display your favorite album’s art, because Google Play Music has decided to join the rest of them in the future. One minor quip, we don’t see why they need put a like/dislike button there – instead of a more useful Previous button.  Meanwhile, the interface has also been tweaked, as you can now swipe from the main screen to go to your playlist, recently played music, artists, albums, songs, and genres.

If you like what you’re reading, hit the link to download the latest version of Google Play Music.