Get ready ladies and gents, a new version of Google Play Music has begun rolling out! Marked as version 5.3.1233L, the new update seems to be mostly about bug fixes and minor under-the-hood changes but it does introduce a new “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio feature.

Similar to the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google’s search page, the new feature randomly chooses a song for you. The only difference is that the random song is based around your own genre preferences – making this feature a bit Pandora-like in a way. While not a major change, it’s still a feature that could come in handy when you aren’t’t sure what song you want to play or if you’re looking to discover some new favorites.

In typical Google fashion, the new Play Music update is rolling out in stages. If you can’t grab the update directly from Google Play just yet, you can always grab the APK and manually install the update now.

For those that have already updated, did you notice any other changes outside of the new radio feature?

Andrew Grush
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