Google Music

Just over a month ago, users of Google Play Music in Europe gained the scan and match feature, allowing them to take their music on the go without having to upload it. Now U.S. users are getting the same functionality.

This service is free up to 20,000 uploads, which is quite a lot of music. Amazon, in comparison, only allows track matching for up to 250 songs for free, charging a yearly fee of $24.99 after that, though this does allow you to match up to 250,000 songs. Apple’s iTunes match, on the other hand, only allows 25,000 uploads for the same $24.99.

Not only do you no longer have to upload your music manually, you won’t even be given the option, unless Google Play Music can’t find a match in its store for a given track. Both Amazon and Apple’s services work the same way, so this comes as no surprise.

If you have already uploaded music to the service, Google plans to replace existing tracks with the versions available in its store in the near future. If you have been using high bitrate encoding for your own files, this could be upsetting, but the quality should be good enough for most users.

Do you think you’ll be putting this feature to use, or do you already have your music uploaded? If you haven’t used Google Play Music before, is this enough to get you to try it out?