The Android ecosystem has always been mostly about apps, with the rest of Google’s entertainment services being either unavailable to a lot of users or simply not very attractive. But with Google Play apps so close to overtaking iOS in both quality and quantity, we can finally say that Google is looking to up the ante in the music and movies departments, too.

And how do you do that? Through promotions and special offers, of course, but also by making the services available to previously “underprivileged” users. Starting today, Google Play Music is officially and legally accessible to new users in “select” European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

This still leaves all of Asia in the fog, as well as Canada or Australia, not to mention a large part of “The Old Continent”, but it’s clearly a big step in the right direction. It also closely follows Google’s newly signed partnership with Warner Music Group, which ensures Google Play Music users that they can download all their favorite tracks and albums across all of the major record labels globally.

To wrap it all up with a pretty little bow, Google has also updated the Play Music app for Android and Google TV. The 4.4811H version of the app brings the usual bug fixes, but also the adding of a much awaited gapless playback feature (only for Jelly Bean-based mobile devices), improvements for keeping music on gadgets for offline playback, and the added ability to keep Thumbs Up, Last Added, and Free and Purchased playlists on your devices.

Meanwhile, Google Play movies have been recently made available to new users in Australia, Canada, Germany, France and the UK, while other countries should get the service “over the next few months”. Now that’s what we’d call commitment towards creating a unified and solid ecosystem across the world!