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The news of the imminent arrival of Google Play gift cards in the UK have been making the rounds for the past few days, with the gift cards showing up at a Tesco as well. We have now received official confirmation of the same, with the press release stating that the cards will be available from all Tesco and Morrisons outlets in the UK, over the next few weeks.

The gift cards will be available in denominations of £10, £25, and £50, and can be used to purchase any digital content from the Google Play Store, including apps, music, movies, magazines, and books. Unfortunately, these can be used only to purchase digital content, so if you’re hoping to use them to load up your Play Store balance and buy your next Nexus device, you’re out of luck.

The way the gifts card work is very simple. Buy a card, scratch to get the code, and use the code to redeem the gift card on the Play Store, either on the web, or using the Android app. The amount gets added to your Google Play balance, which you can then use to purchase any digital content available.

With the number of Android users around, the availability of Google Play gift cards just made holiday shopping much easier for a lot of people! This is, of course, also perfect for anyone who doesn’t have access to a credit card. If you’ve already bought a gift card, you can head here to redeem it.

What are your thoughts? Will you be using Google Play gift cards often? Let us know in the comments section below.


Google Play gift cards now available in the UK

We’re pleased to announce that Google Play gift cards will be available in the UK from today [Wednesday, March 6 2013].

Gift cards make it even easier to buy apps, games, books, movies, music and magazines from Google Play, Google’s one-stop-shop for all your digital entertainment needs.

Over the coming weeks, gift cards will go on sale in all UK branches of Tesco and Morrisons.

The gift cards will be available in denominations of £10, £25 and £50, and can be redeemed against digital contntent purchases on Google Play, including music, magazines, books, movies and apps.

With Google Play, you can buy books, apps, games and music, and rent or buy movies, on the device of your choice – be it a computer, Android phone or tablet. All of this entertainment is available across multiple devices – buy a book on the web, for example, and it’s instantly available on your phone or tablet.

Consumers can access, purchase or rent this digital content in a variety of ways:

On Android devices: Android phone and tablet users can click on the Google Play store app to shop for books, movies, apps, games, magazines, devices and music. All content can be “pinned” to the device for offline use without a data connection;
On the web: Users of Chromebooks, PCs, Macs and all other computers can access their digital content online through the web version of Google Play (

And now users can pay via Google Wallet or by redeeming a Google Play gift card.


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